The Way of Body Art

Tattooing is absolutely not my business; it's my passion for Life...

If you want to make a nice tattoo, then Sai is the perfect Artist for you!!! As an artist i want to open a huge view to every tattoo. If you want to make really meaningful tattoo you have to meet me definitely!! I will never frustrate you at any cost.

Tattoo Temples has emerged as one of the finest Tattoo Parlors in Coimbatore, with 5 years of selfless service with completion of more than 4000 Tattoos to our name. We showcase a wide variety of tattooing namely Color, Portrait, Black & White Tattoos.


Artistic Ability

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At Tattoo Temples studio, hygiene and customer safety standards are followed
as per international hygiene and tattoo safety standards:


Studio is completely cleaned and disinfected every day, with specific attention being given to sterilize the room and tattoo area.


All tattoo and piercing equipment that is not disposable goes through the autoclave.


Work tables - After each tattoo, the artist's work tables are cleaned with an antibacterial product before a new tattoo.


Ink & Ink Caps - Every client gets their own Ink & Ink Caps, on completion all used caps and unused ink are disposed.


Razor - If the artist needs to shave your skin before applying the stencil, we use disposable razors.


Tattoo Temples encourages you to ask any query you might have related to health and safety policy.